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Brittany Taylor

Brittany has always been a fan of sexual exploration and play. From a young age, she felt positively connected with herself through intimate, self exploration, through sensual and sexual touch. She also enjoyed connecting with her partners sexually, naturally drawn to exploring a wide variety of areas of sexual connection, healthy communication, and co-created safe spaces as a way to deepen intimacy with herself and with her play partners. Whether engaging in fluid love-making, kinky play, dirty talk, group play, anal plesure, vaginal exploration, clitoral stimulation, orgasms, strap on, oral, fingering, or intercourse, Brittany is a fan of growth ignighted through sexual exploration. She believes in creating powerful, intentional spaces for connection, to go deep, to be light, to heal trauma, to deepen bonds, to explore being human, and ultimately to have an amazing time in the surrender of pleasure and power of both receiving and holding that space for another. Brittany appears on this site with both of her partners, Conor and Bridgette, and in solo videos.

Outside of her passion for sex education, Brittany also loves holding space for beings ready to open up their hearts, their minds, their relationships and their lives to a greater expression of being the fullness of themselves this life. She offers coaching and online programs, both on her own and with Conor and Bridgette. She is also passionate about being a mama, moving her body, hosting retreats and events, and engaging with the beautiful communities of badasses she has the pleasure of being a part of in Austin, TX, USA.

Brittany Taylor Updates

How To Blowjob
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
In this 36-minute video, Conor and Brittany spend the first 13-minutes sharing about oral sex for the penis, ie, the blow job. They first talk about the theory of giving what they consider to be a great blog job, and how they like to do it. At minute 13, Conor and Brittany invite you to join them on the bed, where they continue to talk a bit about theory, before jumping into making out at minute 15, with Conor wearing a small pair of comfortable shorts Brittany begins to stimulate him through, until minute 18, when the shorts are removed completely and we get to enjoy Conor's naked body. Brittany then begins to narrate about what she is doing as she is stimulating on and around Conor's penis with her hands and then begins using her mouth as well. Soon after, the narration is discontinued as Brittany continues to stimulate Conor with her mouth and hands as Conor switches the camera to his point of view. Minute 30 brings with it Conor's orgasm, which we get to see come out of him as Brittany licks his penis head. Conor and Brittany take some time to kiss and connect before returning to share with the camera for the remaining 4 minutes about their experience. [Filmed March 2017].

5 Tips Mindblowing Oral Sex
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
In this 70-minute video, Conor and Brittany share 5 Tips for Mind-Blowing Oral Sex with you. During the first 13 minutes, they first talk about the tips, going in greater depth than the related YouTube video. Then, they dive into showing you the tips. Minutes 13-22, the pair enjoys making out, while they warm up Brittany with massage, touching over clothes, and breast play, while Conor shares about what he is doing verbally. At Minute 22, the camera angle changes and you get a new view of what is going on. The switching between the close up and further back views continue throughout the video. At minute 24, Conor enjoys licking Brittany's ass, while continuing to massage her, and offering her some light spanking. By minute 27, Brittany is fully naked and Conor is demonstrating pussy oral sex, shown from various camera angles. Conor shares what he is doing verbally around minute 30. Over the next 17 minutes, the pair demonstrates more oral play, with pussy fingering, licking, orgasms, and squirting all making an appearance, with a final large soak at 47 minutes. At minute 48, the focus switches to Conor being the receiver, as Brittany shares about the type of touch and massage she is offering him. Around minute 54 Brittany demonstrates ball and scrotum massage and ass licking, from new angles Around minute 57, penis and ball licking is incorporated, followed by new angles including a lot of POV from Conor, to get into the feel of what it looks like from his view. At minute 62, Conor has an ejaculatory orgasm, while Brittany licks his penis head and the pair offers you a great view. For the final 5 minutes of the video, the pair comes back together, still unclothed, to reflect on the experience with you. [Filmed July 2018]

How To Squirt
Brittany Taylor , Conor McMillen
Squirting, gushing, vaginal ejaculation, a long debated sex act shrouded in mystery and too often dismissed as fiction. In this 54-minute video, Brittany and Conor aim to de-mask this beautiful and intensely hot sexual expression, proving once and for all just how real and potentially accessible it is. As in all their sex ed videos, this is 100% real, raw, sexy and educational. The first 18 minutes of the video discusses the nuances and feeling of squirting as the giver and receiver. Positions, angles and tips to "hit the spot" are given. The duo warms up and gets naked from minutes 18-24, getting in the mood for what is to come. Oral play is given from Conor on Britt from minutes 24-30 at which point Conor stops to discuss -while showing- fingering and the difference between stimulating for a clitoral orgasm vs a squirting orgasm. Oral and fingering continue on Brittany until she reaches a clitoral orgasm at minute 36. A new position is discussed for a minute before the camera angle changes to a dynamic, rather than stable, shot which includes multiple close-ups during successive squirting orgasms that continue until minute 41. The original position and camera angle are resumed with oral and fingering for one last squirting orgasm. At this point Conor enters Brittany and they have intercourse at minute 45 with a close up of the action before Conor pulls out and has an ejaculatory orgasm on Brittany at 47. Exhausted and happy, Conor and Brittany share some additional tips and how it all felt for them from minute 47 to 53 when the video ends.


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