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Bridgette Wolleat
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/bridgettewolleat/
Services:  http://www.bridgettewolleat.com

Bridgette Wolleat is a holistic health practitioner that is passionate about women’s health and embodiment practices. Bridgette spent many years disconnected and confused about her body, gender, sexuality and pleasure. This led her into a deep exploration of self discovery, tantra and spiritual practices. She believes that sexual energy and expression are sacred life force energies, and that they are the creative consciousness that dances the universe into existence and vital for vibrant health. When we are disconnected from our sexuality, we are disconnected from our life force. Cultivating erotic wellness deepens our capacity for joy, pleasure and intimacy.

Bridgette brings a holistic understanding to health and sexuality. She believes that our physical, emotional and spiritual well being are intimately linked with our sexual vitality and expression. Her mission is to help clients find health and vibrancy in their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies using an array of holistic health, self discovery and embodiment practices.
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